10 Things that Make me Happy

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10 Things that Make me Happy

There are few fellow bloggers going around writing blog posts about Things that make them Happy and I decided to follow along and jump on the HAPPY train and try this “happiness exercise” We can all use a little more happiness in our lives.

I wanted to participate in writing this list because sometimes when problems come into our lives it’s difficult to see the good, this is a great way to exercise those brain cells and push away all the bad and appreciate the goodness in our lives we sometimes take for granted.

Of course there are the given answers – God, Family & Friends but I don’t want to talk about those. I want to dig deeper into simple every day things that make someone happy and how different those things might be for different folks.

I would truly love it if you joined in on this “Happiness Exercise and possibly find new joy or new appreciation for the common and uncommon in our lives.

10 Things that Make me Happy

1. Alone time

I’m more of an introvert than anything. Too many people, too many things going on all at once gets my heart beating a little too fast for comfort so I enjoy my alone time.

2. Movie Theaters

Jumping off the alone time, I love going to movie theaters… especially alone and when the room is mostly empty, preferably empty. It just makes me so happy to sit in that room by myself.

Things that make me happy9. Half Sunny/ Half Rainy Days

You get a little of both, what’s not to love? Waking up to a beautiful sunny day, you get outside.. play, go to the pool and in the afternoon here comes the rain! That’s Florida weather for ya and I love it. Curl up on the couch with a snack and a movie when it’s raining and I’m done.

10. Cooking

Making something delicious in the kitchen is so gratifying to me and I’m always trying to One-up my last meal. I enjoy seeing the happy faces when people are enjoying the food I’ve made but I do not like cleaning up afterwards… so head to the sink.

Well know that you’ve gotten to know a little big more about what makes me happy, how about you go write down a list of your own?

You’ll be glad you did it! I felt a little more gratitude and more joy from just jotting them down. It really makes you think about the goodness in our lives.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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