Halloween 2017 at Big Lots

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After sharing Big Lots Halloween 2017 collection a few weeks ago, I was waiting for these eerie items to start haunting stores. I saw that others were finding spooky stuff at their Big Lots stores, so last night I decided to trek to my nearest Big Lots to see if they had any Halloweenie items out. While they didn’t have everything out yet, they had a large chunk of their Halloween goodies on display. A majority of their items on display lit up, were motion-activated, made spooky sounds, or a combination of all three.

I didn’t buy anything this round, but wanted to share what I did see in Big Lots. Take a look at what they had on  their shelves below:

 Haunted TV, Haunted Projector, and light-up skeleton cloche – I loved the

TV, but it was damaged so I didn’t get it. 

 Animated Haunted Lamps

LED candles

 A few spooky things starting to haunt the shelves

 LED candelabras 

 These were new and I haven’t seen them on their site! Isn’t this 

Victorian-inspired skeleton glass plate decor pretty?!

 Skele-owls that hoot and whose eyes light up

 Gold, shiny skulls

Animated crystal ball that says spooky phrases and lights up!

 Little kitten and puppy skeleton pets – these meow/bark and wag their tails.

 Howling wolf skeletons!

 Tombstones and an awkwardly squatting skeleton

 I wish they had one of these set up, but it might be too big!! So cool though!

 Throw pillows, table runners, tablecloths, and more!

 Spooky trees

 This witch in a pumpkin was adorable and says spooky stuff! Her mouth

moves and everything! So spoopy!

 Animated gargoyles – don’t they look like they are posing for a cheesy Sears 

portrait with their hands/claws under their chins?!

 Solar powered black cats!

 Haunted door knockers – I didn’t try these as I thought by this point I was

annoying everyone in the store pushing all the buttons on the Halloween


 Creepy scarecrow! 

 This painting lit up, emitted sounds, and was pretty neat! I didn’t buy it because

of one piercing scream that was a little too loud for me, but now I’m wondering 

if I should go back for it!

 This was another animated canvas featuring a reaper taking your photo – love

the design of this one but it is a little less impressive than the previous one.

 They had some fall decor as well, including this cute pumpkins for sale sign

These lovely autumn orbs have lights inside that light up! I really want to go

back and get one of these – it looks like it would be so pretty!

Have you found anything good in-store at Big Lots yet?

What are your favorite items from the ones above?

Until next time, stay spooky!

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This content belongs to the Source Link identified below, all rights are reserved.

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